Europrobasket Player Devon Dorsey MVP of Copa Catalunya!

Europrobasket player Devon Dorsey is leading the league in 7 out of 16 categories! Congrats to a great start in Europe Devon!!


Europrobasket Player Brandon Bilbija on a tryout near Barcelona!

Europrobasket player Brandon Bilbija arrived to the academy a few days ago. In just two days he was offered a tryout near Barcelona. Brandon comes from Canada with one year of collegiate experience. He is 23 years old and this will be his first time trying out with a team overseas. Good luck on the tryout Brandon!



Europrobasket Player Charles Cooks Signed First Contract Overseas!

Europrobasket player Charles Cooks signed his first contract overseas after almost two months in the Europrobasket Program. Charles, a 5’6″ pg, comes from the NCCAA Div 2 Trinity Baptist College. Coming from a small school such as this makes it very difficult to get on a team here in Europe. His height also made it very difficult for him. With this being said, Charles has a lot to offer a team. He is a very hard worker. Is punctual and reliable. He has a good shot and pushes the ball hard. Getting to know Charles gave Europrobasket staff the confidence to make recommendations to teams. Also, his improvement every week showed us his ability to exceed once he is on a team. Finally the right situation came along and Charles went on a week tryout. After the first day the team decided to keep Charles! Congrats to Charles on the start to a great career!



Europrobasket Player Remi De Grat on a Tryout in EBA!

Europrobasket player Remi De Grat went on a tryout with an EBA team near Valencia. Remi is a 19 year old with no professional or collegiate experience. He came to the academy because he wanted to skip college altogether and go strait to the pros. After a few months in the program, Remi developed his skills enough to get interest from a team here in Spain, in a well respected league. Congrats Remi!



Europrobasket Player Daulton Halfacre Signs in Barcelona!

Europrobasket player Daulton Halfacre signed his first contract overseas after just a few weeks into his One Month Program here at Europrobasket. Daulton came to the academy because he had no collegiate or professional experience playing overseas. He proved to the Europrobasket staff that he belonged on a team here. He was sent on a one week tryout and he signed at the end of it! Congrats on the start to your career overseas Daulton!!